BNC 75Ω for 4K UHD-SDI up to 6G & 12G

High Frequency connector & adapter

12G-SDI true 75ohm BNC connectors applied for 4K UHD broadcasting devices, instrumentation, security, telecom and many others now available. Please contact me to get further information.

HD BNC series up to 12GHz

40 GHz Products Available!
It's our pleasure to announce that we are able to design and test RF connector up to 40GHz now!

Anritsu Vector Network Analyzer will help us to get a better requency analysis and test. Shall you have any requests, please feel free to contact us.

CHEN PRECISION contributes ourselves in RF/Coaxial/Microwave connectors development and production since 1975. All products are RoHs compliant and QC under ISO 9001. More products in our CD. Send us an e-mail to get it ! Stay with us and enjoy the products and servises we offer !...(more)